Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December Memories

I know I'm not the only one who feels like Christmas came quicker this year than any other.  Not sure why that is?  We got our tree up late, and only put about 1/3 the ornaments on.  I put out way fewer decorations in general, but it works.  The theme for this year seems to be "Simple=Better".

Jim decorated the house late, and decided (once again) that he is NOT doing the lights next year.  Can you imagine how filthy rich the person will be who finally invents Christmas lights that STAY LIT?

My cards were finally mailed on Monday, and this is the first year we didn't do a "photo card".  That was the original plan, but after a battle with my computer, I gave up and got cards at Target that I could just put a picture in. (A FALL picture, but whatever.  The Christmas photo thing was a disaster this year).

Don't get me wrong - some things did work out.  I've been looking for stockings for years and just couldn't find any I liked that weren't ridiculously expensive.  This year I found some at Michaels that were 1/2 off!

I bought Dylan an advent calendar for his birthday (in November), and he has been so excited to see what kind of candy he will find in that day's number.  I think for the final day, that I will just put in a piece of paper, with instructions to follow to find the extra special treat.

We used to have a bunch of toys stored in front of the fireplace, since that room is the "play room".  Dylan told me "We need to move all those toys, so Santa doesn't trip and fall and get hurt when he comes down the chimney!"  Now that the area is clear, I'm thinking we need to have our first fire (why haven't we lit a fire in the fireplace in the 3 years we've lived here?!), and make some smores!

Another way we have made the season more fun is with the "card game".  We each guess the number of Christmas cards we will get that day, and the closest number wins.

One day, I was annoyed with the commercialism aspect of Christmas, and decided I needed to teach Dylan about the joy of giving.  We made sugar cookies and decorated them.  Then I told him we were going to take some over to our neighbors.  "Well, we should take some to Nina's!"  (His little friend next door).  I wish I had taken my camera, because him standing there in the doorway, smiling at her, while holding out the cookies, and her huge smile in return was priceless.

Dylan got this next idea out of the book "Arthur's Christmas"...

(You might notice the tree lights?  Santa could just go straight, but apparently he wants him to have a tour of the house?)

(Oh wait!  He probably has to stop in the kitchen to get milk for the cookies).

Hope your holiday is Merry & Bright!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You better be looking for a school that does well with gifted kids--the signs are fantastic.

Brooke said...

1. It did come FAST this year. So fast! 2. Your cards were adorable! We loved it and it is proudly hanging on our card door. My boys keep asking who your little Dylan is!! :D 3. WOW, he did get crazy with the arrows. We just had a couple.... and lots of NOTES for the big guy. 4. LOVE that last photo with the lights ;D Well done.

Oh and, hey, forgot to say MERRY CHRISTMAST to you!

blue china studio said...

Love the directions for Santa! Hope your Christmas was a merry one.

Elissa said...

hope yours was wonderful!

totally dig that pic of D with the lights on him and love his arrows. what a cool kid you've got there, i must say!

happy new year!