Thursday, February 28, 2008

Please Pay Attention

Jonny's mommy, left a comment on my last post, informing me that she tagged me for one of those blasted memes. So, I went to see which one I would have the pleasure of doing this time. She tagged me for the "List 6 Quirky Things About Yourself" Meme! Hey, Jonny's mommy, I JUST did it! I figured maybe she just didn't read that post, but then I went back, and saw that she had indeed COMMENTED on the post. Gee, Jonny's mommy, glad my writing is so memorable for you. (whimper, whimper, sniff, sniff) Apparently, you all think I'm quirky, but now you are giving me a complex.

But, since you are just dying to know more random facts about me, FINE, here you go... (Oh, and since I am quite certain I have absolutely no more quirks to share (Shoosh, Jim), these really are just random facts. Sorry.

1. I took piano lessons for 12 years. My parents had me start the lessons when I was 6, and I HATED it. I didn't do the exercises I was supposed to do in the book, so when my dad would take me, the teacher would yell at me. At first, my dad would stay during the lesson, but after a while, he would just drop me off, and go "run errands". Truth is, he just couldn't take the yelling, and the bad playing. I complained and complained, until he finally said if I kept at it until a certain point, then I could quit. Of course, by that point, I was enjoying it, and decided to keep playing. Although I play pretty well, I will not play in front of anyone, except Jim and Dylan. I blame this on all those D@!* piano recitals I was forced to participate in. I used to make myself physically ill, I was so nervous.

2. At this moment in time, I have never had a cavity, (knocking on wood, throwing salt over my shoulder, rubbing my rabbit's foot, crossing my fingers, and holding my breath). The dentist I went to as a child was so impressed with me, he told me if I could make it until I was 16 without a cavity, he would take me across the road and buy me a banana split. That jerk never did buy me my banana split, not that I need one these days.

3. Since turning 18, I have moved a total of 18 times! I just can't wait to box up all my crap once again. (Sigh).

4. I have the ability to make people (even random strangers) open up and tell me their life story. Sometimes, they tell me things they have "never told anyone". Sometimes it is cool - I get a lot of really interesting information(gossip). Sometimes it is a royal pain in the butt, like when I am just trying to enjoy a meal in a restaurant, or get my grocery shopping done. Also, some of the stuff I am told, I really, really didn't need to know. I probably should have been a reporter, and investigator, or a psychologist. I did think about being a psychologist, but when I realized I would have to go to college for 6 years, I changed my mind. I was only going for 4. Do you want to guess how many years I ended up going to college for my art/elementary education degrees that I am basically not using? Do you want to know how much money I could be making right now if I had gone for psychology? Let's talk about something else.

5. I like to try new things, and go new places. I have been jet skiing, parasailing, white water rafting, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, tubing, and spelunking(did not enjoy that one). I rode the thing at Kennywood that is like a bungee jump, but you don't go straight down. I have been to an indoor and outdoors shooting range. I have done improv in front of an audience (once), and people actually laughed, which was awesome! I learned to juggle at a camp, (I'm not as good as Jim). I've been to Paris, Milan, Florence, Rome, Venice, Cancun, Jamaica, Punta Cana, and various places in the U.S. If I had the money, I would travel all the time!

6. I hope you can handle this one. It's big. Really big...
My favorite color is blue. You okay? Do you need to sit down?


Kellan said...

I took piano lessons for 8 years - hated it and don't play well at all. I never play, but have a piano in my house and my twins have taken lessons for 4 years.

I also have the ability to get people to tell their whole life stories - I find that to be a great trait.

We have lots in common - I knew I liked you! Take care - Kellan

Kristi S said...

I am also completely cavity-free (but have bad TMJ)...
I also love to travel, but don't do it as often as I would like. I am a tropical girl all the way!
I started playing the flute at age 8 but was the one who decided I wanted to play it..I had to beg my dad to rent one for me and take me to lessons! LOL

Pam said...

Thanks for sharing more fun facts about you with us!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I get enough cavities for the both of us, apparently. But every time I go to the dentist, they marvel at how sparkly clean I keep my mouth. Genetics, I guess.

Um, blue? Really? I am feeling a bit faint. Maybe I should lie down.

Joanna said...

Oh the dreaded piano recitals. I think I'm still scarred.

Jonny's Mommy said...

Holy crap. I'm a dork. I totally remember it now! So sorry about that. I actually thought as I wrote that comment that you had already done one like this. I swear...can you still have pregnancy brain 15 months later? Oy vey!

Also, do you not watch TV at all, or just kids shows? Just curious. sorry offense meant there! :-(

Jen said...

Kellan, It is a good trait, usually. I have found that most people are dying to talk about themselves!

Kristi, I also played the flute in elementary- high school, in concert and marching band. Now it just collects dust, but I still play the piano.

Pam, Glad you thought they were fun!

BBM, Yep, blue. You were thinking pink, huh?

Joanna, Yikes, you endured the torture as well? Sorry about that.

Jonny's mommy, I really was just teasing you. I'm lucky if I can remember what I ate for lunch. I only let Dylan watch his signing videos and Steelers football, because it is unavoidable. I'll eventually let him watch more. I only watch tv in the evenings, but I like a lot of shows.

Lijy said...

Hey, its nice to read about you. I particularly like your blog very much because i like the way you are bringing up Dylan.
Sorry to say so, but i try to copy a lot of motherly-acts from you. Like, i have started to get Jason lots of books. and i think he likes them.
And just one more thing, whenever i read your blog, the face of Rachel McAdams from thr movie'Red Eye' comes up. I have feeling you look like her.

Jen said...

Lijy, Wow, what a wonderful compliment that you think I am raising Dylan well. I am glad to hear Jason is liking books now! I wish I looked like Rachel McAdams - I've posted a few pictures here and there.

Kellan said...

Hey Jen - have a good weekend - Kellan

Jonny's Mommy said...

I'm actually trying to pull back from the kids shows because I'd like Jonathan to read more. I consider it an accomplishment that today I was able to get him to sit down and read a book about Moses with me. He was very entertained with turning the pages and flipping down the...uh...flippy see the photos underneath. He actually seemed interested in the story line too. He likes "Hop on Pop" and goes around the house saying "Op-op" So funny!

JCK said...

I took piano for a very short time. Did not like it. But, I love it on other people.

And like you and Kellan, as you know, I attract people who tell all. Sometimes crazy people.

Hey you want to do a random 7 things meme? HAHAHAHAHA

Janet said...

I swear if it weren't for the cavities thing, I'd think I was schizophrenic and started another blog in my other personality. (My other personality is a much better writer . . .)

jessica said...

new reader here. :) i took piano lessons for 12 years also. early on i had a piano teacher who spit in my face when she talked and was really hard on me. i took lessons right after school and she would eat in front of me. fortunately i switched teachers. i like your blog. my blog

Shellie said...

Oh! I am SO SHOCKED about the BLUE thing!!! I just don't know what to say. Maybe I'd better go lie down, calm down and think of something reasonable and tactful to say.

Anonymous said...

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