Monday, February 18, 2008

Quirky But Excellent

Well, a while ago Marie tagged me to do the "Quirky Meme". When I read that I was supposed to come up with 6 quirky things about myself, I thought, "I'm not going to be able to do that. I'm totally normal. I don't have any weird quirks". But, just in case, I figured I would ask Jim. Unfortunately, I asked him during dinner, and as usual, our conversation was steered off course by a certain 15 month old. Two or three days later, I brought it up again, when Dylan was asleep in the car, and we were on our way to look at houses. Strangest thing happened... Jim started spouting off quirks like a fountain! So, whatever, apparently I'm a little quirky. Here are just the first 6 he thought of...

1. I don't untie my shoes to take them off. I always just step on the back with the toe of the other foot, and slip them off. That usually results in the heels of my shoes being pressed down. Maybe it is sheer laziness. Maybe it is hereditary - my dad does the same thing. All I know is, it drives Jim CRAZY. As unluck would have it, I can wear the same shoes as my husband, and if I do, he finds them with the backs pressed down. I bought a pair of men's slippers for myself, since I rarely find my stupid size, but Jim thinks they are his, so when he finds them with the back pressed down he gives me "the look".

2. When I watch tv, and get really into a show, I go into some sort of trance, and my mouth hangs open. When someone tries to talk to me, I often take a while to answer, because I am so In The Zone. It is a right brain thing. When I am totally using the right side of my brain, I go into The Zone, and lose track of time and place. It used to happen all the time in my art classes. I had a class right before dinner one day of the week, and my roommate used to tell people, "Don't even bother trying to talk to Jen for at least 10 minutes. She is still In The Zone." If you don't know what I'm talking about, really that sucks for you.

3. I sometimes twirl my hair around my finger. That little quirk used to drive my dad insane! I did it a lot more often then. I think I mostly just do it when I'm bored. Luckily now, I have a hand to hold, (right Jim?), so that occupies my crazy, fidgety hand with a mind of its own.

4. This one, Jim didn't even know about - wow, did that intrigue him! I had to tell him to get his mind out of the gutter, of course. When I go to a movie, I sometimes act out the parts later, when I'm alone in my car. I really don't think I have a secret desire to be an actress, so why do I do it? Who the heck knows? Cuz, I'm quirky, I guess.

5. Along that same vein, I talk to myself all the time. (They're coming to take me away, Hee, Hee, Haw, Haw.) I find that it helps me think things through. Like if I lose something, I'll say, "Okay, I remember having it when I was eating breakfast. After breakfast I..." Or, "Now, why did I walk in this room again? I came in here to get something. I was looking through my mail, and that made me think of X, which made me realize I need to X..." I often grumble aloud about stupid people, also. This one could really get me in trouble if I grumbled just a bit louder. Luckily, now that I have Dylan with me most of the time, I can pretend like I am talking to him, instead of my loony self.

6. This is another one that drives Jim nuts. I really don't know why. Doesn't everybody put their silverware they are using to eat with, back on their napkin, instead of on the table, and then steal their spouses clean napkin?

So, that's me. I'm a freak with a bunch of quirks. But, much more importantly, I am also Excellent. Sparx, Jonny's Mommy, and Pam all say so. Thanks, you guys! I live for compliments, but I'm just quirky that way.

(I'm not going to tag anyone, because everytime I do, it stresses people out, and everyone has enough stress right now!) I'm also not passing the bloggy bling along, because I think everyone I would give it to, already has it. But, hey, if you don't, feel free to grab it.)


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I was totally in The Zone watching our boyfriend last night. A shower did that boy some good. Sadly, I was interrupted by a bossy Toddler. She has the ability to punch through The Zone.

The last one? Too funny! Poor Jim, can't even have a clean napkin.

Oh, and the shoe thing isn't really a quirk. Busy people don't have time to waste on things like bending over to tie/untie shoes. Why don't husbands understand these things?

Jonny's Mommy said...

The shoe thing...I do it..the talking to myself thing....what was I saying? Umm...oh, right...I do that allllllll the time. My co-workers are always saying "What?" and I'm always saying "oh, just talking to myself" and then they kind of glare at me like "Talk to yourself quieter then you freak."

At least that's what I imagine in my head they are saying -- did I mention I'm slightly crazy?

Kellan said...

I think you are a little quirky - no, not really. But, the acting out the scenes after the movies is a little odd - but cute! Congrats on the Excellent award - you ARE Excellent! Have a good day Jen - see you soon. Kellan

Pam said...

What do you mean those are quirky and not normal? I do of those on your list....Dang! I thought I was slightly normal and now I find out I am quirky!

Anonymous said...

Hey...I sometimes get into the zone as well! I'd have to say you are "excellent but quirky"!

Elsie Button said...

You are one excellent and quirky lady! by the way, just read the poem from Dylan (daddy) - how amazing is that! what a romantic!

Jaime said...

You're funny.... I think I'll do a post like this.

Janet said...

Definitely do the shoe thing and the talking to myself. (As I used to tell people, "I have to talk to somebody intelligent SOMETIME!") I put the utensils on the plate. I think that's probably bad manners, but we were never, NEVER to put them on the napkin, because that was supposed to be in your lap. I do the TV thing too.

Joanna said...

Hello - I'm your twin. I'll be the evil one. :)

Jen said...

BBM, When Jim read your comment he said and I quote, "It has nothing to do with being busy! It is sheer laziness!" Humph.

Jonny's mommy, As you can see from the rest of the comments and just from everyone I've talked to lately - all women talk to themselves. It is because we have so much on our plates, and we have to multitask and talking to ourself helps us to process it all. We're not loony.

Kellan, You crack me up! When are you gonna realize you don't have to worry about hurting my feelings? Dish it - I can take it.

Pam, Are you serious? You don't do every single one - really?

Marie, Yeah, but you already knew that. That is why you tagged me.

Elsie, It is the first poem he has ever wrote for me, possibly the first he has ever wrote period. Isn't that amazing?

Jaime, If you do the quirky post, let me know. I'd like to read it.

Janet, Love the talking to yourself comeback!

Joanna, That was funny, oh evil one.

Kellan said...

Hey Jen - thanks for coming by. Hope you are having a good week. See you soon. Kellan

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Jim is wrong. I am far from lazy. Lacking the ability to prioritize, maybe, but not lazy. Actually, I take that back. Putting on shoes "correctly" is not a priority, nor should it be.

The card was easy, by the way. Go to and sign up so that they give you some free credits. Then you can make a card using whatever photos you want. The hard part is FINDING photos to use. Sadly, that took me far longer than the part where you outline the face.