Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If My Books Could Talk

Sometimes I almost think that inanimate objects can talk. I know they can't, but if they could, this is what my books have been saying lately...

A Book's Plea

Look at me,
on a shelf I sit.

I've been sitting here
for quite a bit.

Inside of me
wild adventure looms.

But I just sit
in dusty rooms.

I tell a tale
of love so sweet.

Star-crossed souls
destined to meet.

Or a story
of great suspense,

With twists and turns
that are quite intense.

I hold passion,
horror, and mystery.

Poems written
with subtlety.

Turn off your computer.
Turn off your TV.

Put down your cell,
and spend time with me.

Grab a drink,
climb into bed.

It's time your
love of words was fed.


Kristi said...

My books were screaming the very same thing so over my holiday break i read four of them and it was wonderful! Now I am too busy to even write reviews on them!

Jonny's Mommy said...

Yes! This is how I feel ... only about my stuffed animals (yes, I still have them. Why?) and how they must say "Hug me! Hug me!" while my books also cry "Read me! Your husband won't read me because we are sappy 'women's' books!"

Very cute post. (I know, I'm one of those women who calls this "cute." Ugh. Shoot me. :-)

JCK said...

Have your books been talking to mine? Those seductive hussys!