Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday, we took Dylan to participate in his first official Easter egg hunt. Official, it was. There was a lady shouting out instructions every ten minutes about how exactly the whole thing would go down. It was held at 10:00 in the morning, and on Saturday in our lovely neck of the woods it was COLD at 10:00am. Very cold, as in 37 degrees, which felt like 27 with the wind. Imagine a huge crowd of munchkins with layers, winter coats and hats, red faces, and runny noses. Not very spring like, Easter bunny! Bawk, Bawk! But, did we, or the swarm of other crazy parents let the frigid weather stop us from giving our kids a good time? NO!

There were real live bunnies to pet, free chocolate chip cookies to eat, and free whistles. Yep, free whistles given to a crowd of excited kids - whose idea was that?! Luckily, their little mouths were too cold to blow, and our ears were spared. The Chick Fil A cow was walking around, and the Easter bunny was ready for photos. Dylan walked right up to the cow, and high fived him, but stayed a safe distance away from the bunny at all times. Cows - not scary. Bunnies - terrifying. Who knew? He got close enough to get his free treat from the bunny's helper, then made a hasty retreat. (Since then, though, he went to the mall with Mi-Mi and Bubba and braved his fear to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap for a ridiculously overpriced picture!)

Ten minutes before the actual "egg hunt" began, people started lining up. I say "egg hunt", because it was more of an egg get. It was a big, open field with the eggs just lying all over the grass. Not exactly a challenge. The whole thing was over in about two minutes. Dylan took off running, and had about 20 eggs in his basket before I could even take a picture. All the shots I got are of his back!

The quota was 10 eggs per kid, so we had to put some back. Then I got a picture of Dylan and his cousins, who we had invited, and we stood in line to get a treat bag, before rushing to the car to get warm! We all went to eat afterwards (four couples and four kids). You know with that many kids under the age of 3, there will be some kind of drama. This time, it was my kid, who made a very scary choking noise, then proceeded to spit up all over himself. Reading all this back, the morning doesn't sound all that enjoyable, does it? Honestly, we did have fun. I said it before, and I'll say it again. When you have kids, if it happens, (getting together with friends), it's a success. You learn not to sweat the details. However, we are supposed to go to another egg hunt this Saturday, so if this one little detail (the weather) would cooperate, I would be very appreciative.


Anonymous said...

I would call it a success . . . because having a child means lowering your standards of enjoyment so low that they become something akin to only having one cavity when you go to the dentist.

(Akin . . . go me. Now my head hurts and I am going to lay down.)

Kim said...

I hope you don't mind me messaging.. I was looking for information on Plagio/Tort and the above commenter actually pointed me to your blog!! :O)

If you don't mind e-mailing me when you get a chance, that would be GREAT!


JCK said...

You mean that was just the warm-up Easter Egg hunt!? :)

Burgh Baby said...

You have reaffirmed my commitment to doing an egg hunt in the comfort of my own yard, where I'm free to quit at any time if it's cold.

Jonny's Mommy said...

I swore right off Easter Egg "gets" after last year when I saw parents trample little kids to get eggs for their kids. All done with that. We're doing a little one just for Jonathan at my parents on Sunday. Maybe it will be just as dramatic if my older brother decides he wants some eggs too. They aren't real eggs...just plastic ones with candy inside. Maybe I'd better hard boil a couple real ones for fun...Jonathan would probably like that.

Ah Dylan...what a little cutie!

The Girls' Mommy said...

Yay you for doing Easter in that kind of weather!