Sunday, April 19, 2009

Indecency at the Science Center

The girls I'm a nanny for were off this week. On Tuesday, their mom asked if I would take them to the Carnegie Science Center. If you've read my posts about taking Dylan there, you know that I'm convinced the place blows sleeping gas out the vents, because the place exhausts me. Truly. Nothing makes me feel older than a day at the Science Center. This will give you an idea of how my day went...

"Stay with me!... We have to stand in this line!... Stand right here!... Don't pull on that!... Stand back!... Don't get so close to her!... We have to do what she wants to do, too!... The line is right here!... Don't pull on that!... Stay with me!... Don't touch that!... Wait your turn!... Stop it!... Stay with me!... Does anyone have to go to the bathroom? Are you sure?... What the...Did you just pee your pants?! I asked you one minute ago if you had to go to the bathroom! We are gonna have to go down to the gift shop and buy a huge t-shirt for you to wear like a dress, because we have no spare clothes! COME ON!... Don't touch that!... Put that back!... No, I'm not buying you that! We are just here for the t-shirt!... Stand in this line! Stay with me!... Come with me, we have to go to the bathroom now! Put this on! Give me your wet clothes! Don't touch that! Let's go!... Back to the lockers for the third time! Stay here! Don't hit her! Yes, we are going back up to the fourth floor, where we were!... Stay with me!...A you're gonna have to be careful with your shirt - don't flash everyone!...Give that kid a turn!...Stay in this area!...A! Pull your shirt down!...A, stand up, you're showing everyone your privates!..."

Now loop that about 50 times. That was my day. By the end of the trip, even I was sick to death of the sound of my voice! The worst part was that I still had to drive one hour back to their house, and all I wanted to do at that point was take a nap.


The Girls' Mommy said...

You shirt idea was smart!

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

Oh man! That's funny. I mean, that's awful. You poor thing *snicker* What a job, huh? You must feel like a crazy woman by the end of some days. the little guy coming. Guess I'll have to leave it at that! :-)