Monday, December 7, 2009

Random, Simply Random

*First off, I have to explain why I deleted my Tiger Woods post. I found out last night that SNL did a skit about Elin beating up Tiger that got many people upset. Why? Because Rhianna was the musical guest that night. People didn't feel it was appropriate to be poking fun at domestic violence when she was on the show. The more I thought about it, the more guilty I felt.

See, I might be a bit of a feminist. I believe that women and men should be treated equally, and I hate double standards. Double standards like when men cheat, it is the women's fault and he can't help it, but when women cheat, they are sluts. My view on adultery is the same. I make no apologies for that. Cheating when anyone does it is wrong in my book. But, I feel I perpetuated a double standard of my own. Why is it horrible for a man to beat his wife, but funny when a woman does it? Maybe because we feel that women are defenseless, and that if a man gets beat up by his wife, he is a "sissy". That bothers me, and the fact that I must somewhat feel that way bothers me. A chilhood friend of mine had a mother who verbally abused her dad. There was no physical abuse, but the verbal abuse was consistent, and damaging to her dad's self esteem and self respect. Even though I didn't offend anyone, (that I know of), I would like to say I don't approve of domestic violence of any sort.

*I took Dylan to be tested for allergies on Friday. His pediatrician wrote me a script to have him tested a YEAR ago. (Hanging my head in shame) I had built it up in my head to be such a horrific experience that I put it off and put it off. After the scary experience on Wednesday I couldn't put it off any longer. Here's the thing... it was nothing. He didn't even cry. He did better than I do with needles. He did WAY better than Jim does with needles. He watched the nurse put the needle into his arm and draw the blood. But, tell the kid we are out of milk. Go ahead. Tell him. I dare you.

*He is obsessed with Christmas music this year. He can hear only the first few notes of a song, and he will shout out, "IT'S JINGLE BELLS!!" It's a bit freaky, and we have to get it on video. Is there a game show we can take him on?

*Lately when I tell him to do something he doesn't want to do, like "It's time to go upstairs for nap", or "It's time for bed", he replies ever so sweetly, "No thanks". At least he is polite in his insubordination.


Feather said...

eh. water under the bridge. i'm still laughing over your post. i might have even let a little drip of pee out with all that laughter!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Did they do the patch test as well? My son was fine with the needle, but when those patch tests started itching, it was no good at all!

I've thought about the domestic violence angle myself--yep, double standard.

The Girls' Mommy said...

Allergy test results yet?? The tongue hurting thing worried me, that's a whole step farther than watery eyes and runny nose, you know?

Burgh Baby said...

The double standard behind the Woods thing has been bothering me all along (that's what happens when you work with domestic violence agencies for three years), but the whole thing is so much like a bad novel that it's hard not to laugh. I mean, if she had gone after him with a hammer, not funny. But golf clubs? It's a tiny bit funny.

I'm probably going to hell for that little double standard, but oh well!

Anonymous said...

Amen sister! (Though I do have to agree with Burgh . . . the smashing of windows with golf clubs is just ironic.)

I am so glad Dylan did so well with the allergy testing! What a big boy!

Anonymous said...
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Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I thought your post was funny . . . and true. But at the same time I understand why you pulled it down. I would have done the same in my fear I might offend someone.

Yeah, when Jonathan doesn't want to go to bed, have his bath, whatever, he says "In a minute..."

So the allergy test wasn't too bad? I have to take Jonathan and I really need to get on the ball with that too. I think she wrote the scrip six months ago.