Friday, February 19, 2010

Just Create

Yesterday, I read this post on Simply Feather. As usual, I commented that her posts make me want to be creative. Darned if that girl didn't email me and challenge me to just do it! Challenge ME? Oh, she doesn't know who she is dealing with. (Okay, she might not have meant it as a challenge exactly, but that's how I took it). She said I should just sit down and draw with Dylan. That really got me thinking. Why don't I ever do that?

Suddenly, I had a flashback to years (none of your beeswax how many) ago, when I sat in on a kindergarten class at the school I was interviewing at. It was free-play time, and some kids had the markers out. I sat down next to a few of them, and started talking to them, and drawing something. A few minutes later, the teacher walked over, leaned down and said, "We don't draw with the children. If we draw, it makes them feel inferior, since they can't draw as well as we can. It also hinders their creativity, because they are trying to imitate what we have done, instead of using their own ideas".

All these years and that has stuck with me! It has influenced me and my actions, even though I was never really convinced I agreed with that philosophy!

I suddenly had another flashback to even further back, sitting at my parent's dining room table, drawing with my mom. My mom had minored in Art in college, and I have to admit, I probably did imitate her, and wish I could draw like her. But, here's the thing. I LOVED drawing with her. I loved spending that time with her. I loved her sharing something she was good at with me. I loved doing something together. What have I been thinking?!

When Dylan saw ME drawing and painting, he said, "What are YOU doing?!" When I answered, "Drawing and painting with you! It's fun to do things together", he just smiled, but I just know he agrees. We were having so much fun being creative, we decided to "create" some cookie magic after that. When making cookies makes your kid this happy,

that's a no brainer.

What I created in the 15 minutes I had, in between cooking dinner, and emptying the dishwasher.

With all the snow around here, it seemed an appropriate theme! I forgot to paint the sun, and had to fill it in later! (Must have forgotten what it looked like).


Anonymous said...

It's funny that you write this - just the other day I was sitting at the kitchen table watching my kiddos color, but never really thought about picking up a crayon and joining them because I like to see what they draw without any influence from me. That being said, I LOVED drawing and coloring with my Mom growing-up, and I want my kids to have the same fond memories that I do. Time to color!

Feather said...

you did it! and didn't you just love it! i absolutely love your snowmen. and you had me thinking you'd spit out some scribbles and marks! poser.
i'm so proud of you! now, keep it going. for reals, yo.

Amber said...

Okay I can't sit down at a table and raw with you because I would feel inferior. Just sayin. I love that you did this. I craft with my kids often (not often enough though) and I am always amazed with what they come up with. Their little imaginations inspire me every day. I am so glad that Heather gave you the push you needed to do this (we sat down all together at her house the other day and did the same. I make junk. It's what I do. But I love the process). And next time I expect some cookies. Because they look delish!

Amber said...

Or, um, "draw" as opposed to "raw." Although if you want to sit at a table and raw with me, just let me know.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

We don't draw with the children? Huh? Is that like...we don't talk to the children like they are humans? Or We don't listen to the children's questions because they are unimportant? ....What the heck?!
Well, I'm glad you drew with your son, even if he did something different at the time. My dad used to draw with me and it encouraged me in my art. He was awful so at least I didn't feel inferior. :-)

JCK said...

Good for you, Jen! Drawing and painting, sharing that with Dylan - sharing your gifts, it is important. What lovely memories you have of doing it with your mom.

Oh, and those Dylan pictures are just precious!