Monday, February 1, 2010

We Only Bowled One Game!!

Dylan had been stuck in the house, sick, for a whole week. It was time to venture out and cure the boredom, so yesterday, we took him bowling for the very first time.

In the morning, I drew some "bowling pictures" for Dylan, explaining how the game is played. When we went upstairs to wake up daddy, Dylan explained bowling to him, in case maybe he didn't know. Later, when I asked Dylan if he'd like to go bowling, his eyes lit up. He was super excited.

We decided to go to FunFest, since I was pretty sure they would have bumper bowling. Jim and I hadn't been to a bowling alley in years. When we walked in, we discovered it was "Cosmic Bowling" night, which entails large screens with LOUD videos being played, and glow in the dark lighting. "We" probably should have called ahead to learn that lovely detail, but we weren't going to let a little noise, and bad lighting stop us from having fun.

One of the first things Dylan did was discover that bowling shoes are slippery, when he tried to dance along to the music! There was another family next to us, with a boy who looked to be around 4 years old, and a baby girl. Although it was a little tough keeping Dylan in our area, and out of harm's way, watching the 4 year old boy next to us climb on everything and slide around on the floor, and kick the balls, made us feel that Dylan was pretty well behaved. Funny how behavior is relative.

We bowled one game...

The fact that I didn't bowl much better than my 3 year old did not go unnoticed, thanks. I blame the lighting.

When we went up to pay, I told the girl the lane number, and she said, "Blahbitty eight, blahbitty". "HOW MUCH?!", I yelled over the ridiculously loud music. She said it again, but I was sure I still wasn't hearing her correctly, because she said "Twenty eight - twenty" "WHAT?! We only bowled ONE GAME!!", I shouted, convinced she had gotten our lane confused with another. Nope. Seriously, people, I know I sound like an old fart, but is that how much a game of bowling costs these days?! That is just outlandish nonsense. Why, when I was a young whippersnapper, we certainly didn't pay anywhere near that! I think we also walked to the bowling alley... uphill... both ways... (Sigh)


Anonymous said...

$28?! Yikes. But the fun was worth it, right?! Love the tiny bowling shoes!

Amber said...

I hear ya! Only imagine taking 4 kids and 4 adults and almost passing out when they tell you it is $68. SIXTYEIGHTDOLLARS! That was almost a year ago. We never went back!

I did find this Kids Bowl Free summer program (I think it is nationwide if you want info). Kids bowl free all summer and parents can buy passes to tag along for WAY cheap. Truth be told, we never went. The participating bowling alley was like half an hour away. Not worth it.

Oh and thanks for your kind words on my blog. I kind of feel like a moron seeking comments and compliments. Now I feel like I started this pity comment campaign. Oh well. What's a girl to do?

Oh and about that blog secret you shared, I struggle with that. I am kind of picky about what blogs I follow. Minus friend's blogs, I only follow the blogs of strangers I feel have substance. So if someone comments on my blog and I go visit their blog and think it is junk, I have a hard time commenting. Does that make me evil? Am I breaking blogger laws?

Burgh Baby said...

Um, I did NOT pay that much. We went somewhere else, but still. Did they charge extra for the bad lighting?

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

$28!? To bowl? What?!

Still, looks like Dylan was having fun.

We want to go bowling with Jonathan, but I have a feeling he'd try to heave it at me and break my foot.

The Girls' Mommy said...

But we were single, only paid for ourselves, and then when you add in all the Mike's Lemonade I'm betting it pushed $28 ;) And yes! it actually WAS uphill wasn't it?? At least up the one flight of stairs above the bar...

Did he like it though? Until you mentioned the total I was debating taking the girls.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

We didn't go bowling much as a family for that very reason. You might check to see if they have a cheap time--at our local alley it was cheaper until 3, so we'd sometimes take the kids on minimum day.

James Hudson said...
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