Monday, October 22, 2007


After being stuck in the house sick for the past four days, Dylan was bored. Bored, Bored, Bored! For the past four days we have been dealing with puke and nonstop diarrea, and it was getting to me. Last night, I had 3 separate nightmares about Dylan choking on puke, which caused me to wake up in a panic, stumbling half asleep into his room to check on him. We both needed some fresh air. But, after the projectile vomit-fest which occurred yesterday evening after his first attempt to eat solid food in four days, I figured we should first take a trip to the dreaded germ carnival otherwise known as the doctor's office. If you remember correctly, I vowed never to go back there without help, after his 9 month well visit. I enlisted my mom for today's journey to germy town.

Between the two of us, we managed at the doctor's pretty well, and were told that he isn't dehydrated, and to just keep doing what we are doing. When we left, and I thought of going back home, I just couldn't do it. "It wouldn't hurt Dylan to go the park, would it? It's a beautiful day - nice and warm - and he could use the fresh air, right?", I begged my mom for her approval. She agreed, and we were off!

We went to a park that is surrounded by trees, with a stream running along the side. I spent many happy times at that park with my grandparents. My grandfather taught us how to skip rocks across the water, and the names of the different trees. It felt so good to be back at the park, with my son, and my mom, the generations keeping the traditions and memories going.

We put Dylan in the stroller and walked the entire length of the park twice. My mom sometimes walked, sometimes ran alongside the stroller, talking excitedly to a groggy but interested Dylan. She pointed out the leaves at least 20 times, saying "Look at the beautiful leaves, Dylan! Look! There's red, orange, yellow, green. See all the colors?!" Every time Dylan pointed, (which was quite often - it is his newest thing), she would exclaim, "Yes! I see the leaves, Dylan!" I tried not to laugh, picturing Dylan thinking "I wasn't pointing at the damn leaves, lady, but I appreciate your enthusiasm".

When we got near the stream, she insisted that we push the stroller over so he could look at the water. Then, she climbed down, and started skipping stones across the water. Then, she started throwing bigger stones in to make a big splash. She almost stepped on a big toad that was trying desperately to avoid the lady carrying on about the stones. Then, she started carrying on about the toad to Dylan. After awhile, Dylan finally grew tired of my mom's one man routine, and started making it known he wanted to get moving. She kept up her running dialogue, and at one point, found a buckeye or chestnut, or something, and would throw it in front of the stroller, making it roll down the road, while Dylan happily pointed at it. She did that over and over, and I couldn't help but remark "Where do you get all your energy?" She replied, "Bee-Alive!". It is an herbal supplement, not some hippy slogan.) My mom has become a naturalist - she only eats fruits and vegetables and she is very big into natural remedies, and down on doctors. Actually, she has been using "Bee-Alive" since I was in college. When I got mono my sophmore year, she insisted on sending me care packages filled with the miracle capsules, with little notes, reminding me constantly to "Bee-Alive!" At this point I am beginning to wonder if there really is something to this. Being a somewhat "older" mom, I worried, would I be able to keep up with Dylan? Perhaps, I should be worrying "will I be able to keep up with grandma?!"


Karen said...

Sounds like you had a good time. Gram could be a walking, talking advertisement, wow the energy!

Kellan said...

What a great post and what a great mom you have there. We need to look into this "Bee-alive"!!! Sorry you all have been under the weather - nice to see you are recovering. See ya.

Marsha said...

Jen, I could just see your Mom doing all of that! I always knew she would be a "Super Grandma"!

laundrylessons said...

Sounds like a good cure for the pukes. Did Dylan get any bee-alive?

Thanks for visiting my blog...we should chat about writing.


Jen said...

Karen, She is like the energizer bunny, truly! Thanks for stopping by.

Kellan, She is a great mom, and Dylan and I are very lucky! Thanks.

Marsha, Hey! How cool to find a comment from you. Are you gonna start blogging?

Kathy, I would love to chat. I'll email you soon.

Anonymous said...

What a cool Grandma! I hope Dylan feels better soon - while cuddles and kisses are nice, it is no fun getting them because your little one feels like crap!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

You're Mom pretty much rocks. I would write more, but I need to go investigate this Bee-Alive she speaks of . . .