Thursday, June 5, 2008

My New Job

Yes, that's right, I accepted a new position this morning. No, I'm not talking about the dream job. Right now my dad's breathing has become erratic as he is reading this. You okay there, Dad? Breathe in. Breathe out. No, I didn't quit my nanny job.

What happened is, the president of the Mom's Club that I belong to sent out an email, early this morning. It seems that the current editor of the Mom's Club monthly newsletter has been elected Secretary of our group, which means the space of Newspaper Editor needed filled. In my early morning stupor, (Dylan woke me up at 5:30am, because he is sick), I seem to have volunteered for the job. DOH! (smacking hand loudly against forehead)

Have I learned nothing from JCK about the dangers of hitting the send button before contemplating the consequences? I work 3 days a week, take care of a very active toddler, who I just learned today has an ear infection and impetigo, I'm trying to keep our house in "showing" condition, and our closing on the new house is tomorrow. But, that wasn't enough for me! No! I figured that what I really needed was a new challenge! Talk about a stupid fool, uh, no....overachiever, sounds much better.

Haven't I learned from Jonny's Mommy, (who happens to write for a newspaper), that when you write, everyone becomes a critic? What's that Jim? I don't take criticism well? Oh, yea. Huh. I wonder if there are some skin thickening exercises I could start doing? Perhaps, a pill I could take? I'm sure my shrink could prescribe something. I'll give her a call. Better call a plasterer while I'm at it to fix these dents in the wall - from where my head keeps smacking against it. Maybe I'll call Father Time, too, because it just won't do if Burgh Baby's Mom is the only one to get more hours in her day.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...


That is all.

Janet said...

Um, congratulations?
Put a disclaimer in your first issue, "The first person to offer a negative comment or unhelpful criticism is automatically the new editor of this newsletter."

Jonny's Mommy said...

Haven't I tried to warn you away from this writing for the public thing?

Grasshopper, hath thou no ears?


well, God bless ya' sweets. I'm sure a bunch of moms will be easier on you than a bunch of rednecks. Haaaahaaaa! yeah right!

(Seriously..good luck and I bet it will be fun).

Sparx said...

OOoooh, what fun. Ahem. I do two volunteer jobs on magazines... but not editing... that's just MADness! Listen to Jonny's Mommy!!

Kellan said...

Oh, I'm very happy for you - congratuations!!

I ended up volunteering this past year (Board of the highschool PTA, Committee Chair for a special committee at the high school, classroom parent at elementary school ...) and my friends kept laughing at me everytime I mentioned another meeting I had to go to. Needless to say - I COULD NOT WAIT FOR SCHOOL TO END. Yesterday was the last day -YIPPIE!

You can do this and I think it is great and will be great experience - YIPPIE for you!

Have a good weekend, Jen - I will see you soon - Kellan

JCK said...

Oh, delightfully brilliant. Yet, not so, my girl. You are like my friend who told us tonight that she volunteered to be on the board of her co-op preschool next year. On top of doing parental co-op duties and working full-time. OY VEY!

Glad you think my email advice is worthy! LOL

Kellan said...

Hi Jen - Hope you are having a good weekend. Hope you are showing your house and finding a buyer this weekend. Take care - Kellan