Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Day At The Zoo

I have so much to do this month.  Between planning Dylan's birthday party, getting information for schools for next year, and planning a Disney trip (for March!), blogging has taken a back seat.

This weekend, we haven't done much.  We had a birthday party that we ended up missing, due to the fact that Dylan woke up complaining of ear pain.  We ended up at MedExpress and found out he has an ear infection.  I have a sore throat, which I'm hoping doesn't develop into anything more.

So, I'll just play catch up.  My mom and I took Dylan to the zoo, back on October 6th.  It was a perfect fall day - not too hot, not too cold.  Dylan met a little girl, who was a little older, and her and her grandma spent a good portion of time walking around with us.  It's always interesting to watch the different dynamics.  Dylan was much calmer with this little girl than with some of the boys he plays with.  It was a fun, relaxing fall day.


Elissa said...

looks like an awesome zoo!! hope everyone is feeling better soon...

The Girls' Mommy said...

That shark is freaky!