Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Farm

On Tuesday this week, my mom and I took Dylan to Round Hill Farm.  I love that place!  There are few places that make me so nostalgic.  I always think of the times my parents took me there as a kid, so being there with my mom and Dylan was magical.  It was a perfect fall day in October, the temperature in the upper 60's, the sun shining, the sky blue.

The ducks were hungry!

And aggressive!  Wait, this one will give you a better idea...

"Whoa!  GET BACK!  Hey!"  QUACK!!!

Of course, Dylan walked along the beam, just like I loved to do as a kid.

Of course, he ran along the wall (racing "Mi-Mi"),

and jumped off the wall.

(Psst...this is from LAST year!)

There was a very talkative turkey.  "Gobble... Gobble... Hey, kid!  Can you help me out?  They put me next to that rooster, and I cannot get a wink of sleep around here!... Oh, and can we talk about how delicious ham is?  You know... for Thanksgiving?"

I've noticed that I take very few pictures of the actual animals at the farm!  For me, it's more about the awesome scenery, and the photo ops.

(Psst... this is from LAST year...)

I tell you, every time I do this, I have to double check the date a few times, saying "This has to be from 2 years ago!"  Time flies, and I have the pictures to prove it.

Yep, so that was Tuesday.  This was Saturday...

Mother Nature, you have one sick sense of humor!


blue china studio said...

Snow? Oh my.

And love the banner that spells out rants & raves. Cool!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Love the leaf one--he's definitely a "fall."

lisa(rambler) said...

Wow! Looks like a lot of fun! We did not get the snow...south of guys...everyone else. Not us. it was very odd....but yet, we are in a Valley and often seem to miss the snow.

LOVE the photos!!!

Sarah said...

I love all the the fun comparison pictures from this and last year! He is just so handsome! I do miss having fall weather. I can hear those leaves crunching!

Brooke said...

Aww - what a fun place!! I love the leaf throwing pics....and it's so great how you recreate the shots. I am soooo not good at that! Look at all that snow!! Crazy stuff.