Friday, February 20, 2009

My Funny Kid

One morning this week, when I went in to get Dylan out of the crib, he greeted me with "Hi Buddy!"

*The sun was shining brightly through the sliding glass door, where Dylan and I sat having a snack. Suddenly, he shouted, "TOO BRIGHT!! TURN IT OFF, MOMMY!" "Turn what off?! The sun?!", I asked. "Yes, please". (I really am going to miss these days when he thinks I am strong and powerful - powerful enough to turn off the sun).

*Today, we finished playing a game and after we cleaned it up, he looked down, thinking, and said, "Well..." (Like, "Well, now what should we do?")

*He has now entered the land of pretend play, and I am finding it very amusing. He was playing with his Little People, and they were "going to Florida".

I remarked, "Wow, there's a lot of people on that plane!", and he answered very matter of factly, "Well, they all want to go!" (Tell me about it, kid).

Lately, he's been attending a lot of birthday parties, so often the Little People are "at a party". Here they are at the party "eating cake". When I asked who was at the party, he gave me the list, "Mi-Mi, Bubba, Mi-Maw, Pop-Pop, Mommy, Daddy, Dee-Dee". I said, "What about those other people? Who are they?" He answered, "Anybody. They just want eat cake!"

There are certain Little People who represent the people in his life, and they are always the same. The fun loving boy with a frog on his shoulder - that's Dylan. I'm the cute tourist girl, who loves to wear sandals. Jim? He's the orange haired pilot, who, also happens to be...a girl! HAHAHAHAHA (At least I think it's a girl. It has long hair. Then again, you should have seen how long Jim's hair was before I met him. Boy, do I have some pictures I could post. (Evil laughter)

*Dylan's latest thing is closing doors behind him. All doors must be shut, I tell you! We were about to go downstairs one morning, when he noticed the door to my bedroom was open. "Wait!", he said, running to shut it. I like the door to be open, because if it is shut, it gets really cold in there. "Dylan, this door needs to be open", I explained, pushing on the door, as he was pulling it. "NO! THE DOOR BE SHUT!!", he screamed. And, that is how a grown woman might find herself screaming "NO! THE DOOR BE OPEN!!" at 7:00 in the morning.


Jonny's Mommy said...

As you know, Jonathan and I are always "heping!" some poor cat or dog.

Dylan cracks me up.

I totally wanted to get that plane for Jonathan, but never got around to it. Seriously, he's been so sick the last two days I may cave and get him something special just to try to perk him up a little.

Kellan said...

He's such a little doll and obviously brings to much joy to your life - you are truly blessed!

Have a great weekend, Jen - see you soon - Kellan

The Girls' Mommy said...

Maggie claims the sun "pokes" her eyes.

I love that Jim is a orange haired woman! We have a specific little people too. We got the Hamburgler Little People guy as a Happy Meal prize once. He's decked out in his usual black and white prison stripes. My kids named him Grandma.

I am most impressed with your little people photography, by the way!

Sparx said...

Ack, I left a comment on this and it's got lost! Charlie is just entering pretend play too, isn't it great? And, bang on target - his first real pretend play apart from driving his trains was about making cake... he's always making pretend cakes and bringing them to his friends!

Burgh Baby said...

The door thing drives. me. nuts. Alexis HAS to keep all the doors in our house shut. HAS TO. Gah!

Dylan rocks.

Janet said...

Ah. The door thing. And here I thought it was just DeBoy.

JCK said...

Too funny. I love those Little People. And yes...the pilot is most definitely a GIRL. ;)