Friday, May 28, 2010


Yesterday was Dylan's last day of his first year of preschool.  We got a paper saying to come to a "Down On The Farm" party.  Since I'm pretty sure I've never been to a "Down On The Farm" party before, I wasn't sure what to expect, and I knew I had little hopes of getting more information out of the teachers.

Turns out the other parents, the kids, and even the teachers also didn't know what was going on (by the looks of it).  It was very unorganized, with everyone standing around, looking at each other for some kind of direction.  The "program" consisted of the kids sitting in a circle, with some of the parents, singing along to songs played on a very loud speaker.  We certainly couldn't hear any of the kids singing, and it was obvious that they weren't sure what to do.  During one entire song, Dylan was the only kid in his class standing to sing!  Ha!

As I was sitting with Dylan in the circle, I was getting uncomfortable.  "Why is this woman staring at me?!", I kept thinking.  Then, I would think, "You are so paranoid.  She isn't staring at you.  She's probably looking at someone behind you".  But, she really did seem to be staring at me.  I checked my fly, my shirt for stains, and my nose for boogers - nothing.

My favorite part of the "program" had to be my kid doing the chicken dance.  Where does he get that rhythm?

After the "program" we all got to eat picnic food in a big room with tables set up - hot dogs, watermelon, carrots, cookies, lemonade.  My parents were leading the way to a table, and who did they decide to sit by?  Did you guess staring lady?  Yep!  The first thing she said to me when I sat down was, "My daughter talks about Dylan all the time".  "Really?", I asked, quite perplexed.  Dylan never talked about any of the girls at school.  He didn't even seem to know most of their names.  "Oh, yea!", she answered, laughing.  "She told me he is her boyfriend!  I told one of the other moms here about it, and she started laughing, saying "Well, don't tell my daughter that, because she says he is her boyfriend!""  Who knew? Certainly not Dylan!  His main concern was "How many cookies can I eat?"  And for now, that is exactly the way I like it.


blue china studio said...

Oh, too sweet! I like a man who is oblivious to his charms.

The "staring mom", that cracked me up.

Have a great weekend!


Feather said...

as always, boys are so oblivious. that's a true man in the making...boyfriend to many, but claims none! ha!
love that pic of you two!

Brooke G. said...

what a little ladies man!!!
That is seriously funny. Don't you wonder what they talk about with the other kids after we drop them off??

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I would watch out for those girls--and their moms. The "boyfriend" talk in preschool comes from one place--moms who have some weird idea that it's "cute" to do the boyfriend/girlfriend thing. In preschool?! They're mad I tell you.

I much prefer Dylan's attitude.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Whoa...I'd say Dylan is a ladies man, but at the same time I'd watch those mothers. I think they are lining your kid up for arranged marriages! :-) Whoo...Jonathan starts preschool in the fall. I'd better watch him too!

Elissa said...

oh jen, i find this so funny. my son's took FOREVER to know more than one or two girls' names in their preschool classes and had little interest in any of them. even this year, at five years old, tate would tell me "i don't love any of the grirls."

my kids still don't have any context for really understanding what a girlfriend or boyfriend is, unless it's a girl-FRIEND or a boy-FRIEND and i am happy to keep it that way. i kind of agree with jenn@juggling life. ;-)

Anonymous said...

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