Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Little Help?

One thing I've learned about this world of mommy bloggers, is that there is a wealth of information out there!  If I have a question, chances are that at least one of you has the answer.  Here are the three I'm throwing out into the blogosphere today...

Jim and I are hooked on way too many TV shows.  But, most of them will be ending very soon.  There are only two that I know of that we will want to watch in the summer months, so I told Jim that my goal this summer is to READ.  Books, oh, how I have missed you!  Okay, I have managed to read a few this year, but now I mean business.  I was wondering how to go about my plan.  We didn't really have the money for me to buy a stack of new books at the bookstore.  I could check out books at the library, but that meant probably reading older books, and having to remember to return them on time.  I could also borrow books from friends, but I am a defiler.  I like to have the freedom to mark up my books.  I underline things I want to remember.  I highlight great lines.  Don't even get me started on Kindle because ACK! RIDICULOUS!

Then, I hit the jackpot!  The library was having a used book sale.  I scored this pile for $9.50!  (Squeal!)

Oh, I did say something about a question, didn't I?  The question is...

1.  Has anyone read any of these?  Please NO SPOILERS or I will have to hurt you, but could you just tell me, a. Awesome book - read that one first, or b. Don't bother unless you enjoy wasting hours of your life.
If you can't see those, here's the list...

-Nineteen Minutes, Jodi Picoult
-All We Ever Wanted Was Everything, Janelle Brown
-Breath, Eyes, Memory, Danticat
-Every Last Cuckoo, Kate Maloy
-Can You Keep A Secret?, Sophie Kinsella
-Firefly Lane, Kristin Hannah
-Swapping Lives, Jane Green
-The Ten-Year Nap, Meg Wolitzer
-The Year Of Fog, Michelle Richmond
-Remember Me?, Sophie Kinsella

2.  We went to the birthday party of Dylan's best buddy yesterday.  He turned three.  There were five other three year olds there.  Here's the thing, none of them really played with each other that much.  They were all in the same space, but playing separately, for the most part.  Those of you with kids three or older, do they suddenly hit four and become more social, because I taught four year olds and I remember them playing together more?

3.  I went to get my hair done last weekend.  Five minutes before I left, I realized I had only shaved ONE leg.  I could grate cheese with the other one.  I'm not the only person who has done this, right?  RIGHT?!


Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I haven't read any of the books so no help there.

I've seen four year olds do the same thing, so I think it just depends on the group and it can take them all a bit to get used to each other. Jonathan is just starting to get more into playing with others. but then again he is an overly friendly kid.

And yes, I've done the leg thing. Or missed one part on my leg...

Feather said...

okay, let's talk books in a minute...'s between 4 and 5. it's a developmental thing. i'm gonna get all educator on you here. what you noticed at the party is called parallel play. playing the same thing, but next to each other rather than with. somewhere during the pre-k year, kids begin to develop cooperative play. so, breathe easy. all those kids at the party are normal.
no, never left one leg unshaved. i've left both unshaved for way longer than i should have, but never just one. i am a bit orderly, you know.
okay, now books. i should post my stack of recent purchases. all from the thrift store. one to two bucks a piece. that's the way to go, girlfriend. i'm storing up for summer, too, and also i've begun to think that i need to develop a my own book library. so i've been on a book kick lately. i haven't read any of those you have, but that doesn't mean they aren't good. i tend to look for bestsellers and prize winners, because i'm a follower. kind of.
okay, i'm going to bed now.

The Girls' Mommy said...

If all 5 ignored each other I'd assume its totally natural, or some kind of freak phenomenon. Remember how little the class next door seemed to us than our kids? They were babies compared to ours. I think its a BIG year.

I have shaved the front and missed the back for weeks, months even. Now that's goofy looking!

Books, look here for good ones, its my neighbors blog:

Amandeep said...

I've read Sophie Kinsella's Can you keep a secret. If you like reading light, funny stuff, it's a laugh out loud comedy!! Since i like chick lit stuff, i totally loved it! If you happen to like this one, then you MUST grab all the five books from her Shopaholic Series as well!

And... I did wax one of my arms once, forgetting about the other!

Burgh Baby said...

1. No clue.

2. Yes, 4-year olds do play together WAY more than 3-year olds do. WAY, WAY, WAY more.

3. If you shaved one, you are ahead of me.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

"Nineteen Minutes" is good, but not my favorite Jodi Piccoult book--still worth reading though. "Breath Eyes Memory" is stunning. I haven't read those Sophie Kinsella books, but she is always fun.

Yep, they do get more social more toward 4.

I don't think I have ever done the leg thing--I shave my legs every other day, so the routine is so ingrained.

Brooke G. said...

Books - I haven't read any of them!!! Strange... I love to read. So, my motivator is my local library book club. Check out your library and maybe they do the same thing. If forces me to (usually) read a book/month. PLUS, there is the added bonus of getting together once a month to discuss (WITH other adults...It is so much FUN... sometimes I go even if I haven't read the book just to be around ADULTS :D) Oh and they get all the books and we check them out for the month. AWESOME!
2. Yes, there is a point that they will start playing together... enjoy the parallel play because once they start playing together you usually get DRAMA!!!!
3. I have done that SOOOO many times..... usually because I get interupted mid-shower... grrrrrrr

Lindsay said...

I haven't read any of those books...dang!
I'm going to leave the children question to Heather , she knows her stuff. (That is how we met by the way...she was my daughter's preschool teacher, 3 years ago.:)

As for the the leg shaving...I hardly ever shave my legs. It's bad.

Your blog looks really good, by the way...I love the colors! So fresh.

Elissa said...

no idea on the books, but i tend to like old stuff. "classics" if you want to get snooty about it ;-)

kids play is totally normal... i think especially if there were a lot of boys. i think ellie is figuring out the cooperative play thing way earlier than either of my boys did.

um, if i've ever only shaved one leg i don't remember. but which is worse. doing it or doing it and not remembering if you've done it? oh, i've lost my mind.

Amber said...

Ahhh, books. I remember those things. What I don't remember is if I can read them. It has been so long, i believe I have forgotten how. Which is a shame, because my whole life I have been a reader.

So maybe we talk TV shows. I'm gonna need to know which ones you watch and love and why. Even if they are all coming to the end of their seasons.

The kid thing, I've got nothing. Claire is 3 and plays deep in the heart of it with every kid she finds. But she also has a big sister so she is not used to playing alone. Cora on the other hand, when she was 3 I think she was a fiercely independent player. She's not now, and I don't recall when that changed. But anyway, it's normal. I think (but what do i know, I'm not even sure I can read!).

And finally, you shaved one leg. I say declare that a victory and reward yourself. I have blond legs hairs (TMI?) and shave only when I must. Way too much work!

ps. My word verification is "pricks," which for some reason is making me laugh uncontrollably for a variety of reasons.

Anonymous said...

Reading is on my list of things To Do this summer for the same reason - all the good shows are going on summer vacation! (We seem to watch a lot as well, although not nearly as many as we did a couple years ago.) I have not read any of the books that you have listed, but I do enjoy anything by Jodi Picoult. I am trudging through a Nicholas Sparks novel right now - chic lit is not really my thing. I picked up a couple books by David Sedaris from this awesome used book store that we have just up the street - you can sell and buy at your leisure and not have to worry about getting things back to the library. (As a side note, I took the kids last week, and they found a couple books that I have never seen at the book store, including a pop-up truck book that Cooper is in love with!)

Cooper was well into his 4th year before he started cooperative play, and really before he had what I would consider friends. Prior to that, the kids at school were just other kids that showed up when he did and did things with him. Now, they actually interact and have relationships.

And I don't know that I have ever missed a whole leg, but I have definitely forgotten to take care of the other half of my bikini line! Most notably? Last week before I went to the GYN.

Milli said...


Milli said...

Oh Jen forgot to tell you the author is Kathryn Stockett