Monday, November 21, 2011

Dylan's Fifth Birthday - In Pictures

Your birthday began when you, and "Puppy" jumped into our bed to wake us up.  You waited until 8:40! (THANK YOU!)

You had enough restraint to eat breakfast BEFORE opening presents!

You wanted to open Luca's present first! (the little boy I'm a nanny for)  Hmmmph!
I have to admit, it is a really cool present! 

We've played it several times already, and hey, so long as it's not Chutes & Ladders, I'm happy!

Considering the fact that you actually wanted to play hockey, BEFORE watching TV this morning, I would say this was your favorite present...

After opening all your gifts, we watched the video about Disney I picked up at the library, which was so ancient that I don't think it was a great representation of what we will actually see and do when we go.  Then, we watched "Word World", one of your current favorites.

After eating lunch, we headed to the Science Center.
We went in the "Sports Works" building for the first time, and had a blast!  (Why have skipped that in the past?!)  This was your favorite thing...

I'm not too excited about science, but I was excited about the sports!  Could you tell?

Even though we got a late start, we still spent several hours there.

After the Science Center, we went to Denny's so you could get your free birthday "Grand Slam" pancakes.  No picture, but this is how you felt about it...

We loved spending your fifth birthday with you!  Next... your PARTY!

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