Friday, November 18, 2011

The Peanut Allergy : Part 3

Yep, there actually is a Part 3 to the peanut allergy post!

When I asked Dylan what he wanted to take in for his birthday snack (which was today), can you guess what he said?  If you guessed COOKIE CAKE you are correct!  I promised him that he would finally get to eat a cookie cake at school.

Yesterday, I dropped him off at my mother-in-laws, so I could go get my hair cut.  Jim was going to pick him up later, on his way home from work.  After my hair cut, I came home and cleaned the downstairs bathroom, which was beyond gross.  Then, I decided to reward myself by finally watching "Crazy Stupid Love", while I ate dinner.  I never could eat dinner by myself unless the TV is on - too depressing.  I loved the movie, and it made me really appreciate what I have, especially my two favorite guys.

I was wondering where they were!  It was almost 8:30 and they weren't home yet.  I started to worry.  Then, I started organizing the papers in the kitchen, and realized in horror that I never bought the cookie cake - for the next day!  I would have to run out to the store.  But, I wanted to say goodnight to Dylan.  So, I waited until the finally got home, kissed Dylan goodnight, and ran out to the store (in my pajamas!) at 9pm to buy a cookie cake.

This morning, my dad was taking Dylan to school so Jim and I could tour a school.  I made sure he took the cookie cake, and told Dylan that Jim and I would pick him up later.  While we were out, I got a call on my cell, but I didn't recognize the number, so I didn't answer.  Now, here's the crazy part...

When we picked Dylan up, the teacher handed me the UNEATEN COOKIE CAKE!  Apparently there was smoke in the school, and no one could figure out where the smoke was coming from.  The fire trucks came and the day was generally chaotic, and they weren't able to serve the cookie cake.  Can you believe that?!  (Oh, the call was from them, to tell the parents about the smoke).

So, they don't know if the kids will have school on Monday or not  (the day of the Thanksgiving show - that Jim already took 1/2 day off for!).  If they do, we were told we can take the cookie cake in then.

I felt so bad for Dylan, but there he was, smiling and excited to see us.  I was so proud, we took him to Max & Erma's for lunch to get some cookies!

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