Monday, November 14, 2011

A Little Of This, A Little Of That

*Part 2 of the peanut allergy post:  I took Dylan to the store and let him pick some snacks he would be happy with.  He was a little too excited about it.  "I want these!  And these!  And how about these?!"  I had to reign him in a bit.  Then, on Friday, even though the snacks were in a bag, sitting on the kitchen counter, I forgot to take them.  When I picked him up from school, and asked what he had for snack, his lip started to quiver and his eyes got teary.  "I had to eat Cheez-It's, and the other kids got a cookie cake again!  You said you would take the special snacks we picked out, but you didn't!"  (Excuse me while I straighten my "Mommy Of The Year" award).  I am happy to report that I remembered to take them in today, so hopefully the snack dilemma is solved.

*Part 2 of The Ugly Shirt post:  I told Jim yesterday that I had a blog post for him to read.  I sat down next to him while he read it.  When he got to the part that said that I threw his shirt away, he stopped and said, "YOU DID?!"  I said, "Keep reading".   Then, he read the next line that said "Yes, I DID".  Ha!
Then, he asked, "Is it still in the garbage?", looking hopeful.  I answered, "No, I waited until the garbage went out.  Why do you think I waited until today to show you this post?"  (Evil laughter).

*We have started touring schools for next year (he'll go to kindergarten).  You know how much I love to tour schools, right?

*Dylan turns five this week!  There was only one thing he could tell me that he wanted for his birthday - a Sudoku handheld game, that cost $14 at Target!  I am really enjoying these days when his needs are simple.  Material needs, that is.  Emotional needs (time and attention) is a completely different story!

*I think I've mentioned that Dylan is obsessed with sports lately.  His newest obsession is hockey.  Um, yea... a sport that involves him swinging around a large stick.  Could you all please keep your fingers crossed that I don't lose a tooth?

*Remember back in October I took Dylan to the farm on a 68 degree day AND it snowed the same week?  Well, the second week in November, I took him to the zoo on a 68 degree day AND it snowed in the same week.  Pittsburgh is a confusing place to live.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

The zoo is perfect on a 68 degree day.

When I was student teaching 1st grade the teacher kept a Costco size red licorice tub for the girl who needed gluten-free--that was a treat that seemed to be a big hit. Goldfish are way too mundane!

Sarah said...

Poor little guy with his Cheez-its. That would make me sad too if everyone else got cookies. :) I'm glad that he will get fun treats next time! Allergies are so hard!

I love the ugly shirt posts 1 and 2. Made me laugh. I, too, love throwing things away. Too much sometimes. :)

Good luck finding a school for Kindergarten! I'm glad that part of my life is over for a little while.