Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fifth Birthday Party

This year we had Dylan's birthday party at Gymkhana.  For all you locals, it is a great option for this age group.  The kids had a blast, the instructor was great with the kids, the party room was a nice size, and there was very little work for me!  Score!

Five kids weren't able to come, so we ended up with 9 kids, and about 17 adults.  The instructor would open one section of the gym at a time, explain what the kids were supposed to do on the equipment, and then supervise them while they jumped, swung, climbed, and bounced.

We didn't have time to open the gifts at the party, so we waited until we got home.  Now my house looks like a toy store explosion!  Having a birthday in November isn't ideal, but the great thing is that we have plenty of things to play with when he is off for Thanksgiving week.  It is great to have some new games to play!

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