Thursday, June 21, 2012

Before 40: May: A & B


For a really long time, I have wanted to go to a restaurant in my town called "The Melting Pot".  I didn't know a lot about the place, but I knew it was a "fondue" restaurant and dipping pretty much anything in chocolate sounds like a great idea to me.  I knew the place had a "romantic" setting, that there were several courses, and that it was expensive, and that's about it.

Jim and I were celebrating our 10th anniversary, so that seemed like a perfect reason to finally get my fondue on!  Jim made the reservations and when we got there I was surprised to find that he had arranged to have flowers on the table.  We were at a cozy table in the corner, with romantic candles lit.  Things were starting off the way I imagined.  Then, as I strained my old lady eyes to see the tiny print on the dimly lit menu, my eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw the prices.  Yikes!

Our waitress brought the first course, pieces of bread to dip in cheese.  Then we had fruit to dip.  Jim had a couple beers and we were enjoying the meal.  Then, it was time for the main course.  It was when our waitress brought over the trays of uncooked meat and veggies that I heard the record scratch in my head.  When she started to quickly explain how we were to cook everything - how long and in what order - my mouth fell open and I stared at her in shock.

When she walked away I exclaimed to Jim, "WE'RE SUPPOSED TO COOK OUR OWN FOOD?!  ON OUR ANNIVERSARY?!  WHY THE HELL WOULD WE WANT TO DO THAT?!?!"  Jim was amused.  He was also the cook.  I told him later, "It's a good thing you took over and cooked the food, because I was just going to sit there and stare at it, until SOMEONE cooked it that wasn't me".
The "free" champagne and chocolate dipping session sweetened the deal a bit, but still.  Paying that much to cook our own food?  Ridiculous.  I did enjoy the company of my handsome husband, though.


The second "new" thing for May wasn't something I had never tried before.  I had tried it many a kid, and even as an adult, in a Walmart aisle while my friend yelled that I was embarrassing her.  I figured it was something that I just never would be able to do.  But, then we took Dylan to the International Children's Festival, and I discovered that at the ripe old age of 39, I can do this...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two Realizations Brought On By A Vacation

Some of you have been wondering where I've been.  I really haven't been blogging much at all lately.  I wasn't sure exactly why, until I looked back through my photos.  Then, I figured it out.

Two things happened to me while we were on our trip to Disney.
1.  I had a fantastic time.  I was relaxed, happy, carefree, and present.  One reason for that could have been that I didn't watch much TV, or use the computer (I did use the iphone to post photos, though!).  The biggest reason I was so stress-free, though, was that I wasn't in my house.  I probably need to explain that statement.  When I'm in my house, I am constantly thinking "I need to..."  I am in a perpetual state of "to-do-list mania".  I have a very hard time being at ease... in my own home!  I had a bit of an "a-ha moment" with that realization.    While on vacation, I read the book (that is a big deal in itself -!) - The Happiness Project.  It's a great book, but the part that stood out the most for me was when she talked about organizing her home.  She said that "many people believe that their physical surroundings influence their spiritual happiness".  I had the realization that not having paint or artwork on the walls and not having things organized, was causing me a huge amount of stress.

2.  I loved spending time with my son, my husband, and my parents.  Don't get me wrong.  I always love spending time with all of them.  But, I don't always savor it as much.  There were so many moments on vacation when I looked at my son and my husband, laughing together, or at my parents as they walked hand in hand with my son, and I thought "This time in my life won't last forever.  This moment is beautiful and special and I'm living it RIGHT NOW, and I need to appreciate it".  I don't do that enough when my mind is consumed with to-do lists.  

So, what came from these two realizations I had?  Well, first, I decided that we had to decorate/organize the house.  I need paint on the walls.  I need art hung on the walls and family photos.  I need to feel like my house is a home - an oasis that I feel comfortable and at ease in.

Second, I decided I wanted to spend less time writing about living and spend more time... well... living.
Funny, that the first realization gave me a ton more to-do lists though, huh?  What can I say?  I don't claim to make sense.  I'm not saying I'm done blogging.  I'm just saying that this summer at least, the posts will probably be few.  But, I hope you'll check back every once in a while and see what we've been up to.  Here's what we've been doing... (besides decorating and organizing)...

Playing at playgrounds...

Yes, I am exercising!  Can you believe it?  Dylan has actually given up his book reading time before bed to do the workouts with me on many occasions!

The International Children's Festival

Graduation from preschool

We've all been enjoying the new trampoline!

The Strawberry Festival

The Three Rivers Arts Festival.  We saw a free Steve Songs concert, and then bought a CD, and we've been listening to it since.  The guy is a musical genius in my opinion!  If you have a kid under the age of 7, click here...

There's also been many, many t-ball games, a 10th anniversary celebration, and two "Before 40" posts I need to catch up on, so I'm still WAY behind.  Stay tuned...