Sunday, August 29, 2010

Idlewild 2010

Last Friday, Jim took the day off, so we could all go to Idlewild.  It has become a yearly tradition, a tradition that shows me just how fast my little boy is growing!  The first time we went was two summers ago, when Dylan was 1 1/2.

Last summer, at 2 1/2...

When I was making the video slide show for this year, Jim suggested the song "Wild Child", by Enya.  When I looked at my old Idlewild posts, I saw that I used that very song for last year's slideshow.  I guess some things HAVEN'T changed.  (I'm going with the same song this year, because I've had this post written for several days, but I just cannot find the time to get the perfect song, so I give up.  Plus, it has special meaning now.  One day Dylan kept yammering in the back seat "Please, play my favorite song!  The one that goes "JUH-JUH-JUH!  JUH!  JUH!  JUH!" "  I think he said "JUH!  JUH!  JUH!  a billion times before I finally (somehow?) figured out it was this song.  Just one of the many reasons I now have to dye the gray out of my hair).

Dylan is still awful at waiting in lines.  He is still so caught up in the excitement, that he has trouble staying with us.  The Jumpin' Jungle area is still the most exhausting area, and for some reason, the only area that results in TIME OUTS.  The ball pitt wasn't a problem this year - staying with us was the problem.  When he and Jim were going on the slide, Dylan disappeared.  For about five minutes, Jim and I were in a complete panic, until we realized that Dylan had gone up the stairs to the top of the slide... himself.

Another thing that didn't change is that Idlewild is still EXHAUSTING.  We hit the pool first (Dylan refuses to go on the water slides, because he hates water on his face), then the rides, then Jumpin' Jungle, then the circus show.  It didn't help that it was ridiculously hot and humid.

 One new thing?  Dylan went on his first "adult" ride.  (It is the hot air balloon ride in the video).  He loved it!  Jim and I... did not.  Nothing shows your age like spinning in a circle.  My brave husband even endured the Tilt A Whirl (spinning teacups) later.  You'll see him in the video, with his head down and eyes closed, focusing on not losing his lunch.

On the way to my parents, to drop them off, a road right near their house was closed.  That resulted in us driving WAY out of the way.  We had decided to eat at my parents, since Dylan had fallen asleep as soon as he hit the car, and waking him up before he got at least a small nap would have been self induced torture.  I was tired and I was hungry, and we were lost.  I went into shut down mode, staring out the window and not speaking, which amused my parents and Jim.  We finally got to my parents around 8:30, and ate dinner.  The next day, Jim and I felt more like we ran a marathon than just that we took our 3 1/2 year old to an amusement park.  We need to start training now, for next year.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Eleventh Week Of Summer - Part One

I had off last week, so my parents got Dylan out of the house on Monday and Tuesday so I could get some stuff done.  Boy, did he have fun!  I was feeling a little jealous, spending my days inside, cleaning and getting stuff ready for a consignment sale, while the three of them were having a blast.  But, of course, I'm also extremely grateful.

On Monday, they went swimming at Keystone Lake.

On Tuesday, this guy in the picture (my dad), and my mom somehow talked my heights fearing kid into doing ...


And, then THIS!!
He even said it was "better with Mi-Mi - she went faster!"

They also took him to Living Treasures on Tuesday, to feed the animals and go on a pony ride.

On Wednesday, I took him to get a haircut, to the bank, and to Goodwill to drop off some stuff.  After all the fun on Monday and Tuesday I was sure he was going to be asking for "Mi-Mi & Bubba" back!

Thursday, we went to a friend's house for a playdate.  Dylan's buddy Caleb wasn't his usual happy self that day.  There are times when I hear myself in what my little boy says, and I have to smile.  At one point, he went over to Caleb, put his arm around his neck, and said, "Caleb, that really isn't something to cry about!  It's no big deal!  Be happy!"

Tuesday night I did what every woman in America between the age of 25-50 seems to be doing.  I went to see "Eat Pray Love" with a group of women.  I enjoyed the movie (I haven't read the book yet, but I bought it to read).  Honestly the best parts were just going to see a movie with a friend, and the conversation we had afterwards!

Too much to fit in one post, so the rest of the week is still to come...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One Third Crazy

A while back, I took a test online.  The test was supposed to see if I had the qualities necessary to be a good real estate agent.  I love looking at houses, and I've thought about it as a possible career change.  According to the test, I would be a great agent.  A long time best selling agent called to talk to me more about it over the phone.

As she was explaining all the necessary steps involved, I was taking notes.  I ran out of room on the first sheet of paper, and only wrote one last thing on the second sheet.  Somehow the two sheets of paper became separated later.

One evening, Jim said "I have to ask you something...  Are you thinking about leaving me?"
"WHAT?!?", I exclaimed.  "Why would you even say that?"
"Well, I found this piece of paper with your handwriting, that says "One third thinking about leaving".
Being the sensitive person I am, I bust out laughing.
"Jim!  I wrote that when I talked to that real estate lady.  She said that one third of the real estate agents are thinking about leaving the business!  Did you really think I wrote that about you?!"
"Well, not really, but I had to ask".
"Would I really write it down if I were thinking about leaving?", I asked.
"Yes!", he laughed.  "You would write a list of the pros and cons of leaving.  Then you would write a plan for exactly how to leave!"

He is so right!  I would probably also buy a few books about it, and research it online.  Now, how could I leave someone who knows me so well?

Jim, I love you, and I'm not going anywhere unless you come too.  Speaking of which, we really should take a vacation soon.  I'll start researching and making some lists.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Tenth Week Of Summer

The last day of my current nanny job was Tuesday.  I have this week off, so I'm taking Monday and Tuesday to get things done around the house while Dylan goes to his grandparents.  I'm so excited to actually accomplish a few things.

Speaking of accomplishing things, I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to go anywhere in this city right now without hitting construction.  If I had a picture of the mess I was in Wednesday I would show you... then I would hit one of the many construction workers who were standing around over the head with a "Road Work Ahead" sign.  It took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to get to my in-laws to drop Dylan off (which should have taken 30 minutes).  Dylan is fine in the car... until the car comes to a complete stop.  Then there is whining, whining, WHINING!  I was a complete ball of stress, and that was BEFORE my gynecologist appointment.  WHEE!

Thursday night we met Jim at the zoo for "Members Night".  The zoo was just open to members from 6:30-9, and they had $1 food specials and free carousel rides.  I thought it was a great idea of mine, since it would be cooler to walk around at night.  I forgot about the 7:30 crazies.  Exactly one hour before bedtime Dylan has a last burst of crazy energy.  So, while I certainly wouldn't call it "relaxing", we still enjoyed it.

Friday we visited my grandfather, and I babysat for the new family I'm going to be working for.

Saturday, I met a friend for lunch.  Then, Jim and I took Dylan to Twin Lakes Park, where he had his first row boat ride.  I had the bright idea to get him ice cream, "so he'll have something to entertain him on the boat".  Not one of my better ideas.  It was so hot, that it was melting at an alarming rate -all over Dylan,  the boat, and his life vest.  We firmly established the fact that if Jim and I were ever to go on The Amazing Race, and a row boat challenge was involved we would most definitely lose.  I tried to row for a while, and let's just say, we would still be out there going in circles at this very moment if Jim hadn't taken over.  It was fun, though, and we can cross one thing off Dylan's Bucket List.

("Here, Mommy, I'll help you").

(Our Hero)

After that, we went to my parent's church for a carnival.  Dylan bounced in the bouncy house, played a bunch of games, played on the playground, and got a balloon animal.

(Isn't this a cute idea?  A pig race!  The orange pig?  That is losing?  That would be mine).

(This is "Mr. Fat" - the Bee)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Heart Faces: Got To Wear Shades

We took Dylan on his first row boat ride yesterday and I got this shot.  I love how all 3 of us are represented in this picture.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Ninth Week Of Summer - Part Two

I am so glad I have done these summer posts, because I know I would forget half the stuff we've done.  I had to think and think before I could remember what we did just last weekend, for this post!

On Friday, I had to go to Dylan's pediatrician's office to have them fill out a form for preschool, so I took the opportunity to take him to "Blue Slide Park", a playground with huge blue slides that you go down on pieces of cardboard.  It is such a fun park, and it was the perfect playground day - not too hot, with a nice breeze blowing.  The only crimp in the day was when I took my camera out to get a fantastic shot of Dylan flying down the blue slide, and realized the camera was out of battery!  When am I going to learn to check that before I leave the house?  You cannot believe how dependent I am on a camera.  I feel lost when I don't have one.

I did get these shots of Dylan playing in his sandbox later, though...

Saturday, we went to Keystone Lake for some swimming and sandcastle making.

Sunday, Jim and I had a date.  We saw "Grown Ups", which was funny.  Not hilarious - a bit over the top in trying to be funny at times, but still enjoyable.  We also went to Michael's so I could do some shopping for some crafts I'd like to do, and to Bravo's for dinner.  Then, back to Jim's parents to get Dylan and eat some of my birthday dessert.  (Thanks again for the chocolate chip cookies, Marge!)

So, my first few days of being 38 were pretty fun.  I posted a picture of myself in a bathing suit at the age of 38, so either I'm pretty comfortable with how I look at this age, or my mind is starting to go.  Or, maybe it's true that at a certain age, you just really don't give a flying "truck" what people think anymore.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Ninth Week Of Summer - Part One

After being away last weekend, the first three days of this week involved unpacking, working, running errands, and trying to get caught up on much needed sleep!

Thursday, I turned 38.  Thirty eight.  Thirrrrttttyyy eeigggghhht.  It just doesn't sound right.  I keep saying it to myself, but it just doesn't sit well with me.  I don't feel 38.  Well, maybe somedays, when I wake up and my knees crack and my back is sore and I have huge black circles under my eyes.  Other days, I feel like I'm 28.  Other days I feel like I'm 8, and I probably act that way.  Whatever.

It is somewhat of a tradition in recent years that on my birthday it will rain.  OR, that it will look like a rainy, miserable excuse for a day when we wake up, we will cancel our plans and make new indoor plans, and then the clouds will part, and the sun will shine gloriously for the remainder of the beautiful day that we spend inside.  This year, the second one happened.  We planned to go to Idlewild.  We went to The Children's Museum, and spent the day inside while the sun shone gloriously outside.  Whatever.

We still had a great time, and we're planning to do Idlewild another day.  But, I won't say when, because then it will rain... or just look like it until we change our plans.

(*The picture on the bottom right, is what my husband would look like pregnant.  I know you were all wondering!)
(*Oh, and my parents showed up, and the 3 of us were all wearing cranberry colored shirts, and beige shorts.  Weird, huh?)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Eighth Week Of Summer - Part Two

So, we went to Lake Erie this weekend.  The plan was to meet Jim's parents (we took his mom with us) at 2:30, Saturday,  then continue the 2-3 hour drive.  Because I am a nut, and I am obsessed with doing every fun thing there is to do this summer, first we went to Chick Fil A for lunch.  They had a lady making balloon animals and the firemen were there with their fire trucks and a "Safety Van".

I had the bright idea to suggest that Dylan get a dragon - a decision I would be cursing the majority of the trip to Erie, as the ridiculously big dragon's wings continuously smacked me in the face while I tried to sleep.  This is "Mr. Happy"...

Actually I should say WAS "Mr. Happy".  At one point Saturday afternoon "Mr. Happy" became "Mr. Sad" when most of his appendages began popping.  A little later "Mr. Happy" became "Mr. Mad", and by the end of the weekend, we decided the dragon looked more like a dragonfly.

Dylan did NOT like the "Safety Van".  They had one of the kids call 9-1-1 and report a fire.  Then, suddenly the van started filling with smoke, and the ear piercing alarm went off.  Before the guy could even explain that the best thing to do would be to crawl towards the nearest exit, Dylan was running for the door with his hands over his ears and a look of absolute panic in his eyes!  Luckily he didn't knock over a few innocent children in his haste to get out of there!

Saturday evening we went to a get together with Jim's relatives.  Actually it was a "corn roast".  Let me just say at this point that I am a city girl.  I mean, I grew up in the suburbs, and I would probably consider where I live now the suburbs, but I like being close to the city.  I am not at all "country".  When I go to the country I get confused.  "Where do these people shop for groceries?  Where is the nearest hospital?  What do they do for fun?  Where are their neighbors?  Doesn't the complete quiet get to them eventually?  And, the smell of manure?"  I like to tease Jim about Erie, because he used to live there.  He's a good sport, and usually gets a good laugh out of my country jokes.  But this time really took the prize.

We traveled down a dirt road to a huge field in the middle of no where, where there were a couple campers, an outhouse, about 50 people including many Amish families, and a donkey.  That's right.  A donkey.  I mean, really, what party is complete without one?

(All kidding aside, the get together was fun, and all of Jim's family in Erie are very nice, and I'm not just saying that because I don't know if they read this blog or not).

Dylan was on his best behavior, which was a pleasant change because every other time he's been around Jim's family he's been a nutcase.  The funniest part of the day was when I took "Mr. Happy" out of the car, asking if Dylan wanted to show him to "everyone".  Admittedly, I did say "EVERYONE".  He ran around the whole place standing in front of each and every person there until they made an appropriate comment about Mr. Happy, including all the people who were right in the middle of a softball game!

He was wired by the time we got to the hotel, (around 9:00), so we all watched TV and ate a snack until he finally tired out (around 10:15).  He woke up 5 times throughout the night, made a few noises, and went right back to sleep.  I did NOT.

Sunday we spent the day at the lake, just the 3 of us.  We swam, went for a walk to look for "shells" (which ended up being stones), looked at all the kites on "Kite Beach", went to Sara's where we ate so much not-good-for-us food that I felt sick, and made a sand castle.

The Eighth Week Of Summer- Part One

Last week was another really busy week.  It was the last week of swim lessons, and I have to admit, I was happy to have it end.  I don't think Dylan got a whole lot out of it.  He still won't put his head under.  He still doesn't get the concept of "blowing bubbles" in the water, but just ends up drinking some.  When he jumps in, he still doesn't seem to get that he needs to keep his mouth closed, so he just ends up swallowing water.  Hopefully the next one I sign him up for will be a bigger success.  (Thanks again to my parents for the days they took him, and especially to my dad who swam with him!)

On Sunday last week, Doug's grandma ("Nan") passed away.  She was a really special lady, and she was so good to me.  On Thursday, my parents and I went to the viewing while our friend Rachel watched Dylan.  I have many happy memories of Nan, and she will certainly be missed!

On Wednesday, I needed to drop off some forms and the first payment at Dylan's new preschool.  I told him we were going to go see his new school, just so he could see it and see his room and the playground.  While I was changing my shirt, he was yelling from downstairs, "Mommy!  I'm going to make my new teachers a picture!"  Of course, he decided to "draw" the numbers 1-20.  I really didn't want him to take it, because I just knew the teachers would think I put him up to it - that I was trying to show what he could do!  He was so excited about it, though, that I had to let him bring it.  On the way there, I was singing along to the radio and he said, "Excuse me Mommy!"  I turned down the radio, and said, "Yes Dylan?"  He looked at me with the cutest expression and said, "I'm really happy!  I get to see my new school!"  Man I love that kid!  I really hope the new school lives up to his expectations (and mine!).

Thursday morning we had Dylan's friend over for a playdate.  The funniest part was the two of them playing hide and seek in the yard.  One would "hide" behind a tree and shout "COME FIND ME!"  Each time they would peek their head out from behind the tree laughing and the other one would shout, "THERE YOU ARE!!"  Then they would run towards each other laughing.

On Friday I had an interview for a new nanny job and I got it!  I think I am starting August 16th.  I am very relieved, because my current job was ending in four weeks, so I was starting to really panic.

We went to Lake Erie for the weekend, and I have a bunch of pictures, so I'll do a separate post for the weekend.  To be continued...