Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Dear Dylan,

I want to remember this Mother's Day forever.

I want to remember that when I came in your room to wake you up the day before Mother's Day, and you said "Awww!  You're waking me up today?!", I had it all wrong.  I got mad and my feelings were hurt.  I thought that you wanted to see your dad and not me, so I told you, "If you're going to be mean to me, have Daddy make your breakfast!"  I felt horrible later, when I found out that the reason you wanted Daddy to wake you up is so you could work on my card!

I want to remember that on Mother's Day morning, I came down five minutes earlier than I usually do, and Daddy said, "No!  You can't come down!  Go back up and get back in bed!"  I went back up, got in bed, and waited and waited, until the two of you finally appeared.  Daddy was carrying breakfast and you were banging two plastic bottles together, singing "Happy Mother's Day to you..." with a big grin on your sweet face.

I want to remember the three of us talking in bed, while I ate my breakfast.  Daddy said that you asked "When is Kids Day?  Moms get Mother's Day, and dads get Father's Day.  When do we get a day?"  Daddy told you that every day is "Kids Day".

 I want to remember how sweet you were to me all day.  Every time I would do something, you would say "You shouldn't be doing that!  It's Mother's Day!"

I want to remember you hiding the presents you made (at Mi-Mi and Bubba's house).  There was two for Mi-Mi and Mi-Ma, but three for me, "because you're the specialest".  We each got a drawing and a gift certificate, and I got a special gift you made at school, a painting with your little hand print.
I told you that I am going to save the "one free hug and kiss" gift certificate until you are a teenager, and you said it expires when you are 11.  I told you "Nope, sorry, there is no expiration date on here, so I can use it whenever I want!"

I want to remember your answer to the question "What is your favorite thing about your mom" - "She will love me no matter what I do".

Yes, I will, my sweet boy!  Thank you for a great Mother's Day.
I love you,

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I finally took Dylan out during the "golden hour" and got some shots.  It was a beautiful day, so we headed to the playground.  I managed to get this shot, before another little boy came along and wanted to play, which of course meant that photo taking time was over!
(I entered this in I Heart Faces May "Play" photo challenge).

Photo Challenge Submission