Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Blind Date Alphabet

In honor of that holiday I hate that is coming up, thought I would share this poem I wrote way back when, after I had an...interesting blind date.

The Blind Date

A is for Anticipation. I just knew that he’d be great!
B is for Brent – the name of my mystery date.
C is for Call. We set up a place to meet.
D is for Dinner. He said he’d take me out to eat.
E is for Evening. This is how it all began.
F is for Frightening. He was a scary looking man.
G is for “Grim”. He said his friends called him that.
H is for Hair. It went halfway down his back.
I is for Ill. I should have faked being sick.
J is for Joke. I mean this had to be a trick.
K is for Kid. Out of wedlock, he had three.
L is for Lame – how our conversation seemed to me.
M is for McDonald’s. Did I mention that’s where we ate?
N is for Natural Selection. Let’s just say this wasn’t fate.
O is for Outerwear. He was wearing all black that day.
P is for Price. The fixer-upper was going to pay!
Q is for Quick. I ate as fast as I could.
R is for Remember. This was one date I knew I would.
S is for Scared. I feared I’d see someone, and I did.
T is for Table. Under ours is where I hid.
U is for Unemployed. Surprise, surprise, he had no job.
V is for Vague. What was that about the mob?
W is for “Why Me?”, which is what I wanted to scream.
X is for X-rated. His language was obscene.
Y is for “You’re crazy!” He thought he’d kiss me at the end.
Z is for Zero. The number of dates we’d have again.


Nicole said...

Oh my gosh that is hilarious!!!

Pam said...

That is awesome and so funny! I go straight to sarcasm and misery- you have such a fun way to express yourself!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Somehow, I knew what the ending would be...

Burgh Baby said...

Didn't I just say you were one of the funniest people I know? Thanks for proving my point, yet again!

Lijy said...

this was really good!!!

righteoustetris said...

This was awesome. And I also I hate Valentine's Day. Phooey!

Shellie said...

Ha, ha ha! I'm so sorry! Glad you survived, and at least it made for a good read.