Thursday, July 21, 2011

Swim Lessons

Dylan started private swim lessons this week.  I enrolled him in a "Mommy & me" type swim class last summer, but that was pretty pointless and ridiculous.  The brochure said "Babies to age 3", and Dylan was 3.  I think there were 6 kids in the class, and three were under age 1!  Dylan was the biggest and oldest by far.  While the babies were splashing water happily on their faces, Dylan refused to blow bubbles, or go under, or get water on his face in any manner.  Basically all we got out of the class is bruised legs (mine - from holding a very tall, squirmy 3 year old in the water!)

This year, I wanted private lessons.  I saw how the kids spent the majority of time in the group lessons hanging onto the wall, waiting their turn.  Dylan isn't great at waiting, and I knew he needed special motivation.  We needed to conquer this fear of getting his face wet!

The lessons came together at the very last minute, due to a complete lack of planning on my part.  When I saw the instructor (Valerie) she looked so young that I had a moment of panic.  I thought, "She's not going to have a clue what she is doing.  She's going to be immature, and inexperienced".  When did I get old and judgmental?  She is fantastic!  She is energetic, and positive, and makes the whole thing fun for Dylan.  She starts on time, and ends on time, and fills the 45 minutes with a lot of different, fun ways to get Dylan to do what he needs to do.

Here's what happened at the first lesson, on Monday...

(Playing "the Limbo" - genius!)

(Going for a ride on the noodle, to practice kicking).

HIS FACE IS IN THE WATER!  HIS FACE IS IN THE WATER!  I had to refrain from screaming that at the pool, and making a spectacle of myself. (They were retrieving a dive stick).

(He was pretty pleased with himself!)

So often, as women, we look at pictures of ourselves and focus on all our flaws.  When I first saw this shot, I saw my teeth that need whitened, and the wrinkles around my eyes.  But since starting Rodan + Fields, what I don't see are pimples, so that is exciting!  What I chose to see is two very happy people, thrilled to be spending the day together, and proud of the days achievements.

Lesson number two, on Wednesday, was no less exciting.  We met friends for some mini golf, lunch, and ice cream before the lesson, (I'll post about that next).  It was 94 degrees, and sitting in the sun for the 45 minute lesson was pure torture, but look...

(Blowing bubbles)

(Going all the way under!  This picture doesn't really show it that well, but trust me, it happened!)

(Floating - something that used to completely horrify him).

The pool was INSANE!  There were people crammed in like sardines, and yet she still managed to keep him focused.  I was impressed.  Especially when this annoying lady came over and was copying what Valerie was doing, with her grandson, saying "Oh look, he's learning to float.  Here, let's try".  At one point, she asked Valerie, "So, you give lessons here?", and I heard her answer pointedly, "Yes, PRIVATE lessons", before guiding Dylan away from the lady.  I loved that.

Unfortunately, we might have spent too long in the sun yesterday, and Dylan's face and arms got sunburned, so I canceled the lesson for today.  Hopefully things will pick up right where they left off next week.  Oh!  I forgot to mention the best part!  The private lessons at this pool are CHEAPER than the group lessons at the pool I took him to last year!  SCORE!


Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Wow! that's awesome! Jonathan hates going under water. I wish I had signed him up for a class, but thought of it way too late this year. I'm glad you found someone! Sounds like she is great!

(And, by the way, your skin does look awesome!)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Cheaper?! Wow. I have found that private lessons for both swimming and skiing are totally worth the money--and it usually balances out financially because you need fewer lessons.

Of course you could have spent the money on plane tickets and I could have taught him to swim in no time--in fact, after a week I'd wager I could have him boogie-boarding in the ocean. Seriously, I've done it before. I'm a swimming-whisperer!

Anonymous said...

Go Dylan! That is an awesome amount of progress in such a short amount of time! I need to bite the bullet and get my kids in lessons and feel that private may be the way to go for us as well - the girls are total fish, but C.ooper is scared of putting his face in and floating.

swimming pool games said...

It seems that your kid is getting good in swimming. I was impressed of his development. For sure he will be one of the good swimmers someday.