Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just Wondering

These are just a few of the things I've been pondering today. This will show you how my mind works...

1. Why are the handles on toothbrushes getting bigger and bigger? Are we all such lazy slobs that we can no longer hold onto a regular sized toothbrush long enough to brush? None of the new ones fit in the holes of the toothbrush holder, so its not exactly a "toothbrush HOLDER" anymore, is it? Am I the only one who wants to scream and throw the "toothbrush holder" or yet another honkin' big toothbrush out the window?

2. Why did I choose to play the flute in school? I remember vividly the day that the instrument people came to school and we were able to hear and even try the different instruments to decide which we wanted to learn to play. I must not have tried the drums, is all I can figure. I recently bought Dylan the Bee Bop Band music set from Parents toys, that comes with a drum and a pretty darn cute set of sticks. I had no idea what a stress reliever beating on the drums could be! I guess the word "beating" should have been a clue. Dylan is looking at me all, "Hey! Whose toy is this anyway?", and I'm all "Hey, man! I need my sticks! I gotta rock out! Come back here with those sticks!"

3. What is it about my kid being sick that releases some kind of superpower amount of patience in me? He has a runny nose today, his left eye has been watering constantly, and he keeps sneezing. So, he has a cold, or spring allergies, or it is from his molars coming in? I don't know. I kept him inside today, but do I keep him in again tomorrow, while he and I waste away in boredom? Don't you wonder what doctors with kids worry about? Don't they always know what to do?

4. What is the deal with Anne Geddes? Why hasn't Child Services come to take her away? She is disturbed, in my estimation. If babies in dirt filled flower pots, with fake flowers coming out of their heads passes for art these days, I for one am a bit concerned.

5. When in the capital H is spring arriving in the Burgh this year? I think the weather is a bit confused on the "March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb" thing. What really gets me is the rare occasion that I watch the local news. What is with the newscasters and the har, har, we are just normal people after all silly banter that occcurs every time it is the poor weather guy's turn. Their voices raise an octave as they screech, "Joe! What are you doing to us? Chuckle, chuckle", as if Joe is single handedly in control of the weather, and he is just a mean, horrible man intent on punishing all of us with more cold weather.

6. And this one might be the most confusing to me...Why did I get only 2 comments on my last post? It means either no one is reading my stuff, or no one felt like commenting. Both explanations suck like a Hoover.

That is all I have to say at this time.


JCK said...

First no worries on only 2 comments from your last post. I haven't gotten there yet. Har Har. Me and weatherman Joe.

Your wonderings were HYSTERICAL. May I just add to the toothbrush holder debacle...Have you ever figured out how to get the INSIDE of the damn things cleaned? There is either a tiny hole with a mini-plug at the bottom or no hole at all.

Drum beating, great. Except if you have a migraine caused from Spring roaring in like a lion.

Thanks for your kudos on my new blog design. You opinion means a lot to me!

Pam said...

I'm wondering when spring will come sick of this weather. Sorry I didn't comment on your last post--I am reading, but feeling swamped with birthdays, work, etc. I'm still reading...just saving time by skipping comments....

Burgh Baby said...

First of all, I have read and commented on maybe ten blogs in the past three days. That should tell you where you rank, woman.

I hadn't noticed the toothbrush thing, to be honest. I've been using the same kick-butt electric one for ages (I do replace the head, lest you get grossed out), and it doesn't require a holder. But now? I'll be looking.

Finally, Joe's so darn old he probably doesn't even remember what station he works for any more.

The Girls' Mommy said...

I'm with you on the toothbrushes! The one in the girls bathroom has a big spot for toothpaste and 4 little spots for brushes. We cram all the brushes together in the toothpaste spot and put the toothpaste on the counter. Useless.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I want to read through your last post a little more thoroughly so I can say something intelligent.

I was an intelligent post..which throws me for a loop. :-) Just kidding. But I seriously do want to read it again because I read it too fast.

The toothbrush thing...I totally want to know that too.

Anne Geddes..she is a freak but people let her do that to her kids too.

I think I spelled her name wrong, but who cares..she is scary. Babies in pea pods! What the heck?

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I meant to say their kids...geez...what a night!

Janet said...

I've been off computer since Thursday. I agree about the toothbrushes. I only WISH I'd chosen flute. I played the piano. Not a portable instrument.
Every time we think spring is coming, she leaves again. We had a gorgeous Friday and Saturday, yesterday was cold, and it's been snowing all morning. The sun is out now, though, so maybe it will go away.

Janet said...

And oh, yeah, I definitely agree with you about Anne Geddes. her stuff creeps me out. Why do mommies let her do that to their babies?

Shellie said...

Oh, amen on the toothbrush thing. As for the last, I will go read and comment on the older post, I'm just really achingly slow at getting around the blogosphere, so I have to be patient when it happens to me too.