Wednesday, March 26, 2008

You Really Had To Be There

Dear Dylan,

There is no way that I can explain to someone who wasn't sitting at our dinner table tonight how funny you are. I can be so stressed out, and be ready to scream and go into Ugly Mommy Mode, and then you do something that makes me almost fall off my chair laughing. You must have grown overnight, because suddenly, and without warning, you are now able to pull things down off the dining room table and the kitchen counter. This is not funny - at all. So after you pulling down dirty plates, papers, pens, etc. I was starting dinner out cranky. Then you started the whining. Dylan, you know I can't take the whining.

By about the third thing I gave you, (peas), I guess you were starting to get bored. I turned to look at you, and caught you with your hand in mid air, just about to drop a whole handful of peas on the floor. I snarled, "Hey!", and gave you "The Eyebrows", and you sharply inhaled, went "Ooooohh!", and slowly, (while not taking your eyes off me), moved your hand over top of the tray, and opened your fingers...Plop, plop, plop, plop, plop. I know, I know. If I laugh hysterically every time I try to discipline you, or tell you not to do something, it might not work as well as I'd like, but that really cracked me up.

Of course, since you got such a reaction, and you love to be included in all jokes, you did it again. Then, you giggled hysterically at yourself. So, of course, I had to laugh some more...and again...and again...and again. Just for future reference, there is a certain time frame to funny stuff, sweetie, and by the 20th time or so, almost everything funny, ceases to be funny anymore.

I Love You,


Pam said...

very cute story!

JCK said...

Too cute, Jen!

Burgh Baby said...

We've had a lot of moments that I imagine were much like this, and you're right. There are no words that can describe them.

Dylan rocks for listening!

The Girls' Mommy said...

Dude--I can totally picture it!! Don't you just love having the power to disciple with the "eyebrows"? What will we do when they get bigger and become immune?!

Janet said...

My mother used ONE eyebrow. We never knew how she did it. She didn't have to say anything, that one eyebrow going up stopped us in our tracks (still does, and I'm 45!). We have dogs that take care of anything that falls on the floor. The Queen is now tall enough that we don't have enough high places to put everything.

Anonymous said...'s like when Jonathan will start to reach for something he knows he shouldn't, turns to look at me to see what I'll say and then before I even open my mouth pulls away because he knows by the look that I'm going to say no.

Aren't our kids funny? And it is hard not to laugh at them even though you are trying to scold them.

My former pastor's little girl once got in trouble for running around the church. It was a concrete floor and her mom didn't want her to get hurt. She was about 3 at the time. Her mother told her to sit down and think about what she had done. A few moments later the little girl got up, walked over to her mom and informed her mother, "I've been sitting over there thinking about what I've done and I don't think I've done anything wrong."

How could you not laugh at that?

Sparx said...

peas! Just posted to your latest post, the spud's favourite too!