Thursday, March 27, 2008

He Said Icken Uggets

Well, I started a new part-time nanny gig today. This time around, I will be working with twin boys who will be 3 in May, and a girl who just turned 6. Yesterday, when I took Dylan for a playdate, and I was telling the other mom about the new job, she said "Are you crazy?!" Why yes, I am! Thank you so much for noticing! Hmmpphh.

It actually went pretty well, for a first day in a strangers home with a strangers children. There was the little incident with Twin B pooping in his diaper (he's not potty trained yet), and hiding under an end table while me and big sis searched the house, until I was starting to panic, but hey, just a minor glitch. I mean, we did find him, eventually. (You gotta count your blessings in this line of work).

Twin B really didn't say two words to me after his mom left. Twin A, on the other hand, was pretty chatty. Problem was, I had NO IDEA what the heck he was saying most of the time.

Me: "What do you want for lunch?"
Twin A: "Iggin urrets!"
Me: "Uh, huh. Okay. Interpreter? Oh, Interpreter?"
Big Sis: (Giggling) "What now?"
Me: "I'm not quite sure what Iggin urrets are. Could you help me out there?"
Big Sis: "He said Icken uggets!....Chicken nuggets"
Me: "Well, yea. That makes total sense".

I really do love how kids think. These were a couple of gems from Big Sis...
-Isn't it funny how the number ten is a one and a zero, but if you switch the numbers it's not 10 anymore? (Whoa, that is heavy.)

My favorite:
Big Sis: What is your one wish?
Me: What do you mean?
Big Sis: If you could wish on a falling star, what would your one wish be? (Aye, Carumba, this kid is going to make me think!)


Burgh Baby said...

We have GOT to get you a Toddler to English dictionary. ;-)

Glad to hear you are into a new gig. I hope it goes well and continues to provide fun blog fodder!

Burgh Baby said...

BTW, I did 3/5ths of my homework.

The worms



The Girls' Mommy said...

Interpreters: good! Gotta have interpreters, always helpful.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for an interpreter!

Congrats on the new job! I'm in the midst of the interviewing process for my dream job, and I'm sick with nerves and worry. Ugh.

Jaime Cox said...

haha, Good luck!! It takes a special person to nanny or daycare. Special=crazy?? haha...

Jaime Cox said...

Hey how do I email you??? I'm trying to reply to your questions!!

Anonymous said...

That is sooo funny!

Kids crack me up.

It will get you ready for when Dylan starts talking!

JCK said...

The girl sounds really cool.

And see...I am NOT the only one who thinks you are divinely insane!

Elsie Button said...

great about the new job! you are a brave lady! kids are far cleverer than adults - i realised this when i used to teach them and they would turn me into a quivering wreck with their mind blowing questions/statements!

Janet said...

Thank goodness for the big sis! She'll keep you sane, and entertained at the same time.

Shellie said...

See, interpreters are useful people. Those kids sound delightful.